This is my second submission to a Game Jam:


Ludum Dare 38.

  • Platformer
  • 4 Shapes - Everyone with a different mechanic
  • 5 Levels


  • Move : WASD
  • Jump / Fly: Space
  • Shapeshift: MouseClick/Numbers (after Unlock Shapes)
  • Reset Level: R
  • Pause: Esc


  • You need 3/3 Orbs to advance level !!!!
  • The Black Sphere is the "Next Level Teleport"

Known Bugs

  • WebGL Version: Sometimes it does not let it rotate completely on FULL SCREEN . Press [R] to Reset Level and should be solved






  • Level 1: First Orb is "hidden" at the right of the first platform of the level
  • Level 2: Second Orb is "hidden" at the bottom of the cliff on the right, this orb give you "Ant Power" to pass for small places.
  • Level 3: to go through wind you need "Beetle Power", Second Orb (gives you "Beetle Power"), this orb is on the left of the level, through a small corner.
  • Level 4: for the Third Orb, you can jump and change to "Bee" (pressing 4 or right click) to travel longer through air. to reach next level go through "vertical wind" with "Bee Power" and press Space Button to fly.
  • Level 5: jump and quick press 3 for go through "horizontal wind" on mid air. For the long jump (with Grasshopper+Bee) you need to shift to Betle before the "Horizontal Wind".
Published Apr 24, 2017
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags3D Platformer, Ludum Dare 38, Unity

Install instructions

Unity Standalone Build


ShapeShifter V1.0 _ 13 MB


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This seemed like a really solid concept to me. Solving puzzles via using different bug shapes. Working within the Insect world you could easily add a lot of depth to the game by just using actual insects and their behaviors as inspiration. Each form could have a more directly usable ability rather than just a passive one. Then each bug could have a very obvious and very easily recognizable function other than just their size.

Some enemies that want to eat you might also be a nice touch. Some insects might only want to eat one of your forms. So tactical transformations for safety could be a great mechanic for a puzzle that requires clutch timing to avoid getting both eaten or crushed.

Otherwise my only other thoughts were this version is pretty basic. Some of the controls were a bit hinky and the graphics weren't much to write home about. But those are things that can be polished with more time. That's just something that happens with a quickly made game for a jam. So nice work. The concept is solid and that's what you need to make a good puzzle platformer.

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First of all THANKS for that Play through of my humble game! i like a lot the "Educational Game" idea!, enemies was a mechanics I wanted to implement but the time did not get me the chance , without a doubt i will add some of them on a post LD version!! Graphics are the hard part for me to upgrade because my lack of modeling and animating knowledge but definitely i will try to! THANKS A LOT!